Book Club - Short Film

Book Club (2017) Short Film 

A surrealist film about a woman who tries to start a book club meeting about "Consider The Lobster" by David Foster Wallace. This proves to be more difficult than expected.

A Film By Dario Ortega 

Produced By - Dario Ortega, Anthony Cross, Nick Holland

Location Sound & Sound Mix - Anthony Cross




Maya Ortega As The Book Club Leader

James Benton As The Ice Eater

Nick Hollan As Hall “I Forgot My Book” Reed

 Ben Hernstrom As Sheen

 Jesse Nyander As Jen “The Time Travaler”

 Peter Myers As Luis “DFW Fan Boy” Bunel

 Dillon Cole As The Pizza Dude

 Jean Ortega As Mom

 Liam Kelly As Mr. Clicky “The Lobster”

 Luke Ballou As The Silent Disco Dancer

 Heather Salyer As Dancer #1

 Kiernan Angley As Dancer #2

 Dustin Holland As Dancer #3

 Madi Chamberlain As Dancer #4

 Manny Ortega As Local Home Owner

 Michael J. Holland As Corrupt HOA Member

 Tyler Saxon As Angry Sub Shop Employee

 Jasmine Winfrey As Local Plant Enthusiast

 Courtney Steinwinder As Friend Of a Friend

 Kayla Ibarra As The Librarian

 John Ryan Wilson As Beer Drinker

 Luke Schnebeck As Dairy Farmer

Special Thanks 

David Foster Wallace

David Gatten

My Neighbors For Not Calling The Cops

Thank You All

The Film Couldn’t Have Been

Made With Out You!


No Lobsters Were Harmed During The Making Of This Film